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The National Crime Victims Bar Association is a collection of about 500 lawyers across the country who represent victims of crime in civil actions. These lawyers represent victims of sexual abuse and assault, victims of drunk drivers, families of homicide victims, and many other types of cases. These are dedicated individuals who have spent time learning how humans process trauma and how to best help trauma victims while delivering civil legal services. All of NCVBA’s programs are victim centered.

Laurie Koller is one of only a few Oklahoma attorneys participating in this valuable organization and she is on the Board of Advisors for the National Crime Victims Bar Association. The organization’s retreat is being held this week in New Orleans. The Bar Association is affiliated with the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC). NCVC helps service providers, ranging from therapists to law enforcement, who help victims. Funded, in part, by grants from the Federal government as well as donations from many people, NCVC provides trainings across the country so that crime victims can find help when they need it. Importantly, NCVC runs the Victim Connect Hotline (855-484-2846). The hotline provides victim assistance specialists to connect victims to legal assistance, emotional support and other services. Victims of assault, burglary, child abuse, domestic violence, eder abuse, homicide, robbery, stalking and more can find help through Victim Connect.

Koller Trial Law prides itself on being victim centered. Regular learning and training in assisting victims is part of how we accomplish this mission. If you are a victim of crime and have legal questions, contact Koller Trial Law for a free consultation today.

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