Koller Trial Law represents a wide range of victims from personal injury, to sexual abuse, to vehicular accidents. If you have a question about an aspect of law, we often have the answer.

Oklahoma Sexual Assault Laws: Current Legal Issues and Recent News

May 2023
Sexual assault is a serious crime that affects thousands of people every year in Oklahoma. The...

Hazing: Roughhousing or Sexual Assault?

May 2023
Recent incidents in our local high school sports team involving assault between teammates is not...

Civil justice for Crime Victims

April 2023
More than 23 million Americans are victimized by crime each year. Most of us are familiar...

5 Tips for Safe Online Dating

March 2023
If you are single, dating, and want to scare yourself silly, just google “murder” & “internet...

Learn About the New Federal Law Protecting Athletes: SafeSport

February 2023
Protecting athletes from sexual abuse is the focus of the new SafeSport Act adopted by Congress...

Welcome to Koller Trial Law

January 2023
My grandfather used to tell me, “Sometimes you need to buy the hat.” Then he would...

Victims’ Compensation: Funded and Fair

July 2022
Fairness in the legal system, including in Victims’ Compensation, should be a subject of...

What to Do If Your Child Discloses Sexual Abuse

March 2022
Child sexual abuse is a “silent crime” because child victims often have no visible signs of...

Victim Centered Law Firm

February 2020
The National Crime Victims Bar Association is a collection of about 500 lawyers across the...

Laurie Koller speaks on What Civil Attorneys can do to Help Trafficked Victims

January 2020
The Fourth Annual Beyond Awareness Summit is a week from today. This two-day program is sponsored...

Safe Online Dating

February 2022
Swipe Right if he’s hot. But left if he’s a menace. If you are single, dating, and want to scare...

The Goals Of Our Initial Consultation

Coming forward with information about sexual abuse and sexual assault can be extraordinarily difficult. Many victims of sexual violence have legitimate concerns about what will happen if they contact a lawyer about their experience.

Because it is often the uncertainty about what will happen that prevents victims from coming forward, we would like to explain our goals in an initial consultation, and the process we use to better get to know our clients and determine how we can help them.